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Pricing for Machine Quilting

Quilts are taken on a first come first serve basis

Quilt tops should be pressed, squared up, and all loose threads trimmed.  Backings should be seamed (unless you want us to do this) with the selvages trimmed off, squared up and pressed.  You may furnish batting or purchased from Betty Sues (96 wide is currently $8.40 per yard).  Our batting on a roll is an 80/20 blend. Or purchase warm and natural or warm and white which is 100% cotton, at retail pricing.   Seems every time I purchase a new roll prices go up!

For ease of loading backing and batting on the machine I prefer to have an additional 4 inches on all sides.  I have done it with 3 but its scary!

I have started hanging the quilt tops and backing together, I think it keeps them nicer and more wrinkle free.  I have some hangers at the shop but if you prefer you may bring your quilt and backing in on one and I will return it with your quilt.



Edge to edge (continuous quilting from edge to edge) - $.0175 per square inch (length x width) simple patterns, including simple meandering.  

More intricate edge to edge, $.018 - $.03 per square inch

Custom designs $.025 - $.06 per square inch. This could include block quilting and separate quilting inside the borders and sashing. 


Binding (linear inch is both lengths added together plus both widths added together)

We cut, piece, iron and sew binding to front of quilt $.15 per linear inch.  You sew to back.

We cut, piece, iron and sew binding to back and machine stitch to front, $.20 per linear inch.

We cut, piece, iron and sew binding to front of quilt and hand sew to back, $.30 per linear inch.

Scalloped edges are an additional charge, 1 times the above prices.



Seams are $10.00 first seam, $5.00 for additional seams; this includes cutting pressing and trimming.


*Prices effective November 14, 2011 and are subject to change due to rising cost of cotton.

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